Meet Our Staff

Here at UCA, we take a comprehensive team approach to patient care. Our staff work directly with physicians to provide the quality urological care that our patients deserve. We strive to make your office experience as simple and pleasant as possible by offering a warm and relaxing environment in which to discuss your medical issues.


When you first call our office, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members who will help arrange an appointment that is convenient for you. Our receptionists will welcome you to our office on your appointment day and collect the appropriate paperwork and information. Our phones lines are staffed by our knowledgeable staff who will answer any non-medical questions and relay any medical questions to our physicians. At the end of your visit, you will be directed to the check out desk to receive any prescriptions and arrange a follow up appointment. Our staff will assist with any pre-certifications (or prior authorizations) that may be needed for any testing ordered by your doctor.

Medical Assistants

Working directly with your doctor, our certified medical assistants (MA) will assist in your visit by directing you to the exam room and taking your information, vital signs, and any testing that is needed.  They also assist the physicians with any procedures that may be done in the office including vasectomy, cystoscopy, and prostate biopsy.  Any routine procedures (such as catheters changes) may be done by the medical assistant.  Our patients find our MA staff to be very knowledgeable and often form a trusted bond over time.

Registered Nurse

Our registered nurse (RN) acts in an expanded role in providing advanced urologic care.  She works directly with your urologist in daily office visits and is available to answer any medical questions.  Our RN also provides education and instruction on complex medical care such as self catheterization and proper care of any surgical conditions.

Billing Department

Our billing department acts as a liaison between the patient and their insurance provider.  Our staff is responsible for submitting bills and ensuring proper payment by your insurance company.  After your visit, you may receive a bill from our office after a claim is submitted through your insurance.  This may be the result of any deductibles that haven’t been met or co-pays that are required.  If you have any questions about your bill, please call our office and speak to one of our friendly staff in the billing department.

Surgical Scheduling

Our surgical scheduler has years of experience in assisting our patients in arranging a surgical date that is convenient for them.  She will arrange any pre-admission testing and medical clearance that may be needed for your procedure.  Any questions about the non-medical details of your surgery can be asked to the scheduler such as hospital directions, preoperative instructions, and postoperative follow-up.  The scheduler is also responsible with verifying the procedure with your insurance provider to ensure that it will be covered by your particular plan.

Office Manager

Our office manager is the backbone to our medical practice and has been working with our staff for well over a decade.  She is primarily tasked with making sure our office is as pleasant and convenient as possible for our patients.  If you have any concerns about your experience, feel free to contact our office manager directly.

Our Caring Staff

UCA Staff

Here at UCA, we take a comprehensive team approach to patient care. Our staff work directly with physicians to provide the quality urological care that our patients deserve.

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