Plasma Therapy for BPH

The Plasma Vaporization and Resection electrodes are designed to provide efficiency in the operating room (OR) and have been shown to decrease procedure and recovery time.

  • Short catheterization time
  • Shorter procedure time
  • Quick return to normal activities
  • Discontinuation of BPH medications
  • Long-lasting results
  • High ablation rate - meaning more tissue removed
  • Less bleeding than traditional TURP

Unlike other procedures that use high-temperature treatment options, Plasma Therapy uses low-temperature energy to help reduce side effects of the procedure. Plasma Therapy can result in less bleeding, as well as shorter catheterization and overall procedure time, reducing the adverse side effects that can occur with higher temperature treatments. Plasma Therapy allows you to return to your normal activities quickly while providing effective, long-lasting results without the need for BPH medications.

How Does Plasma Therapy Work?

Plasma is an electrically conductive gas cloud that is created by the combination of radio frequency, energy and saline. It is made of vapor and charged particles called ions (atoms that have an electric charge). Due to its conductivity, the plasma allows the energy to cross at lower energy levels. This effect leads to lower operating temperatures and as a result, less thermal spread.

During a Plasma Therapy procedure:

The surgeon will reach the prostate by inserting a thin, tube-like instrument (resectoscope) through the urethra. A small camera with an illuminating light attached to the resectoscope allows the surgeon to see a magnified view of the prostate. A loop at the end of the instrument is passed along the enlarged prostatic tissue, removing obstructing tissue. The prostate is virtually “shelled out,” gaining space for normal urination and reducing problematic BPH symptoms. After the excess prostate tissue has been removed, the doctor will insert a soft, flexible tube called a catheter into your bladder to drain urine and to help you heal quickly. This is typically removed the following day.

Plasma Therapy

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